While you may think you look silly, doing exercises at your desk throughout the day will go a long way towards reducing risks of sedentary work as well as any risks associated with poor posture or repetitive movements.

And keep in mind that just because a worker is not overweight does not mean that there is a lesser need for them to move around during the day, sedentary work is a risk for all workers.

Encourage your workers (and yourself) to take a few minutes out throughout the day to do some exercises. Set a reminder for yourself to go off every hour so that you don’t forget!

Here are 10 easy and quick movements that your workers can do at their workstations:

  • While sitting, place your feet flat on the floor at shoulder width apart, stand up and sit down a few times without using your hands.
  • Nod your head forward and back slowly, look left and then right, repeat.
  • Lift your shoulders up and then drop them down, move them forward and then to the back, repeat.
  • Sitting in your chair, lean forward until your chest is on your knees, hang your arms down to the floor, and relax your neck. Grasp your hands/forearms together behind your legs and stretch out your back, shoulders and neck. Relax arms and then repeat.
  • Place your arms straight out in front of your body and draw circles in the air with your hands, clockwise and anti-clockwise, repeat and then shake out your hands.
  • Extend your arms up above your head, interlock your fingers and turn your palms to the ceiling, then tilt your head back and look at the ceiling. Let go, repeat.
  • Stretch one straight arm across your chest to the other side and then pull on that arm towards your body with your other arm. Release and take your straight arm back over and relax it, repeat on the other are.
  • Sitting in your chair, extend your legs straight out in front of you until they are parallel to the floor, point your toes forward and pull them back in, repeat.
  • Sitting in your chair, twist your core around to the right and turn as far as you can. Hold the back of your chair for stabilising, keep your body straight, and hold it there before slowly letting go and turning back to the front. Repeat on the other side.
  • Hug yourself! Place you right hand on your left shoulder and vice versa, take a few deep breaths.

There are so many more exercises you can do but this is a great start – just getting up and walking around in a circle every now and then will even do – anything is better than nothing!

Another easy way to get some exercise is to walk over to your co-worker to discuss something in person rather than sending an email from your chair.