Are you Mr. TEXT NECK?- Avoiding neck pain while using smartphones

Ever imagined why you are living with a stiff neck which is painful at times? Probably this is because of your addiction to DIGITAL SCREENS. Yes I’m talking about your smartphone, computer, laptop and tablet.

In today’s era it’s inevitable to avoid digital screens as they have become a part of our day to day life. In fact many of us earn our bread and butter because of it. We have become so obsessed to digital screens that even a thought of losing it seems to be frightening. Can you imagine a day without your smart phone? I guess the answer is no!

Although digital screens are unavoidable but it’s the need of the hour that we should understand the impact these digital screens has on our health. Say if you work on computer for your living, which is the case with many of us. Either you keep poking your head in the computer screen (forward neck flexion) or looking down at your computer screen for most of your day. Thereafter, driving back home looking at the road or potholes if driving in Delhi NCR. Finally, after making home you so fancy to slouch and spend time on your tablet or smartphone, again digging your head in the screen or wind up your remaining work for the day on a laptop. Delving further, this could lead to a spectrum of disorders including permanent change in posture (hunchback) and displaced bones around your neck region which makes the muscles around the neck go stiff. This is a protective mechanism of our body to eliminate the risk of further injury. As a result you are unable to move your neck throughout its range. In essence to this you feel pull in your muscles or some kind of radiating pain whilst performing an activity. Constantly looking down for the whole day or flexing your neck forward could disturb the biomechanics of your spine overtime and that extra force generated by your muscles to hold your head could lead to early signs of ageing (degenerative changes). This is one naked truth why people with sedentary life style i.e. people working in MNC’s, BPO’s, IT & banking sector and even school & college students are living with stiff or painful neck.

Tips to avoid a text neck:

  1. Enhance your posture: Whilst working at computer, sit with straight spine, shoulders relaxed, arms close to your body, elbow flexed to 90° and feet flat on the floor.
  2. Incline your computer’s eye line: Align the top of your monitor screen to your eyes, this won’t allow you to flex your neck.
  3. Don’t forget it’s a mobile world: Whilst texting or watching videos on your smartphone, place your free hand on your other hands armpit so that your arm holding the smartphone could rest on it with your elbow flexed and your phone just parallel to your eye line.
  4. Be active, be smart: Without a shadow of light the most vital aspect for a healthier version of your self is to be mobile. Therefore it’s highly recommended to do some basic stretches after every hour you spend in front of your computer.

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